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Clipping Bengal Cat’s Claws

Aktualizováno: 14. 12. 2020

Bengals claws grow very quickly as they love to have long and sharp nails to scratch the whole world surrounding them😊. But most pet owners are not very good at getting their nails trimmed so it sometimes may require at least two people to do the job. Bengal Cats do not like to have their nails trimmed so it is important to train your cat as a kitten to enjoy nail clipping routine. If you have adopted a Bengal Cat from Lynxland, you have to be prepared that there are a few things involved with giving them a safe and loving home. One of those things is trimming nails.

Trimming cat nails
Clipping bengal cat claws

It’s natural for Bengal Cats to scratch things and sharpening their nails is instinctive behaviour for them. I do not advise to discourage your Bengal Cat from scratching, but it is necessary to redirect your cat’s scratching activities away from furniture towards cat trees or cardboard scratchers. Your cat will do her part to keep the nails in shape – your job is to know when to help.

I experienced that playing with cat’s paws from an early age will definitely help you in getting your baby used to having their paws handled as well as gaining trust prior to attempting to clip claws in the future. Massage your baby’s toes and paws while cuddling and playing and occasionally apply pressure to the toes forcing the nails to extend. This act may encourage less resistance when you are going to actually perform nail trimming in future.

Model on the video: Lynxland Vega as a small baby

Get equipped well How often to perform nail clipping depends on your cat, but I can say that if you see your kitty getting stuck on carpeting or a blanket (or your skin😊), their nails are ready to be trimmed. In Lynxland we perform a nail clipping routine every fourteen days to three weeks.

How to clip cat nails
Clipping cat claws

There are different forms of nail clippers available. One of the common is a scissor-like device that has curved edges that fit around the claw and cut. Another common nail clipper is a guillotine device that slides down over the nail as it cuts. Both types of clippers work well, so do not hesitate to choose the device which you and your cat feel comfortable with. The best clippers have very sharp blades and are always the ones you are most comfortable handling and using. I use the common nail clipper.

Cat claw clipper - a scissor-like
Cat claw clipper

Let’s do the trim procedure To trim your baby’s nails, clip off the sharp tips. Remember to avoid cutting the nail too short – this may lead to pain and bleeding. Cutting the quick can be painful to your cat and make your baby less cooperative during the future nail trimming session. Always trim the nail just past where you think the quick ends. If you accidentally cut the toenail too short, apply pressure on the tip of the nail for a few moments to allow clotting and stop the bleeding. You can also use styptic powder or a styptic pen.

How to trim cat nails
Guillotine clipper

Trim all nails on all paws. There are five nails on each front paw and four on each back paw. If your cat is opposed to trimming, stop and try again later or try trimming only one or two nails at a sitting – the others can be finished later when your cat is relaxed and cooperative. Some Bengals will be more cooperative when they are sleepy and resting. To help the trimming procedure you can also provide positive reinforcement and utilize special treats as a reward for cooperation. And all of above, avoid punishments or negativity – Bengals will remember this for future sessions.

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