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We produced this supreme silver girl from pairing Silverstorm Teddy Bear and Dakapo Graffiti – our top-quality Bengal Cats. Lynxland Aysha is homozygous for silver, which means she will be capable of producing silver offspring. She is the one of the best kittens we have ever produced in our cattery. She has a perfect silver coat (absolutely free of tarnish!) with black markings in the form of small and very contrasted rosettes with horizontal flow – as you can see, Aysha has no rib bars as well. This kitten is simply perfect with a gorgeous face and long and lean body. And all of the above, Aysha has a great temper – she is cute, cuddly and relaxed, she loves to be petted and held. We expect her to be paired with LynxLand Taima and  Traipse Crash Into Me of LynxLand.

Color: Black Silver spotted

            carrier for charcoal Apb , Seal lynx ( by UC Davis)

Tests: PKDef N/N, PRA N/N

HCM neg.:  


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