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Pet Kitten deposite agreement

Payment of the Deposit constitutes acceptance by the Purchaser of the terms and conditions of this Lynxland Bengals Deposit Contract. This contract is written for the protection of both the Buyer and the Seller.


A required minimum deposit is 250 €. We accept two kind of deposit: to reserve a future litter when no kitten is available or not yet born or for a young/new-born kitten until kitten is old enough to be placed with a family.


Once we are a small Bengal Cats breeder and produce only a few litters every year, we accept deposit only for the next two planned litters. To view our current and planned litters, please visit the section “Kitten”. 


At the time you submit the Lynxland Bengals Deposit Contract, please send your 250 € deposit via bank transfere. Before a deposit is accepted, deposit contract must be signed. Once we are in receipt your Waitlist Deposit, you will receive confirmation that you have been added to the Waitlist.


We are looking forward to helping you find the perfect Bengal Cat from our Lynxland Bengals world.


Iva Bartos, Lynxland Bengals

Thank you.

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