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F1 bengal Ozalee.jpg
OSSIRIAN Ozalee          F1

Let us introduce our latest addition to our breeding programme – F1 foundation bengal Ossirian Ozalee. Her father is ALC WILL  and mom black charcoal spotted OSSIRIAN TARANEH. 

lynx-land bengal cat
LYNXLAND Omisha      5G

Omisha is F5 seal mink bengal girl, doughter of Sumarum Kiki and Trapse Crash. She has big blue eyes , dads head, perfect thik tail. She is real jungle cat, if you watch her movement  :)

bengal silver cat.jpg
LYNXLAND Aysha      7G

This beautiful girl Aysha is our homebread silver bengal cat. Her parents are Silverstorm Teddy Bear and Dakapo Graffiti. She is homozygous for silver. It means only silver kittens will be expected.   

silver bengal
DAKAPO Graffiti           7G

Graffiti is a new addition. This sweet, beautiful girl with fat racoon tail, rounded eaers, eyes and good contrast came from Dekapo bengalkatzen. Thank you Karin Pointer for your entrusting with Graffiti. She brings genes from Rainforest, Moulinrouge, Awagati, and of course Dekapo catteries.


This Charcoal Mink Bengal beauty queen Lynxland Zorana is very special to us and one of its kind. Her dam is SUMARUM CHARCOAL LILIE OF LYNXLAND and her sir JUNGLETIME KING ARTHUR. Both of her parents gave to Zorana their best qualities...

LynxLand Bengal cat
GENSAUREA Kenylla   F7

This is our beauty queen Kenylla. Her dam is GENSAUERA KENYA SUMMER SCENT and her sire DGC  CASAROCCA LEGILIMENS. I fell in love with this marble treasure at first sight even I was not searching for a new acquisition to our cattery. 

lynxland bengal cat
LYNXLAND Nadia         7G

Nadia is my treasure. Doughter of Kenylla and Traipse Crash. She is a huge girl with very sweet temper. Loves everybody, loves to fetch balls. She has strong wild face with big green eyes. Strong chin and whited chest and inner legs. 

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