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Lynxland Taima is one the best stud we have ever produced in our in-home cattery. This outstanding F8 boy has everything to dream for as a Bengal breeder. He has the exact type we have ever wanted to work with. Taima is simply perfect for us. We absolutely adore his strong chin, wide nose, small ears with wild white spots, circle-shaped rosettes with horizontal flow, without bars, great forehead and big green eyes. His thick tail perfectly reminds his wild ancestors and he carries it low. Taima has true appearance of a miniature leopard – he is well build, strong, muscular and with perfect torso movement. Taima could not be any gentler – he is friendly to other cats and has strong bond to our family. Because of his friendly and fearless temper, we expect to pair TAIMA with our F1 queen OSSIRIAN OZALEE.

Color: Seal Mink Spotted Tabby A/a

Gen.Test.: PRA N/N, PKDef N/N

HCM neg.: 02/05/2019, 25/05/2020

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