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We are happy to have this wonderful big boy from United States. Crash aka “Sunny” is a very sweet boy with silken, tight coat and wild random pattern. What I love the most about him is his wide-nose and super small ears. He is wild looking but his temperament could not be gentler – even to people or other cats, including boys, which is very rare. He carries for Siamese. We cannot thank Teresa enough for entrusting him with us. his father is great bengal DGC Junglekatz Chunky Moto with whited tummy.


Color test: CC A/A

PRA N/N, PKDef N/N  

HCM ng : 6/2014, 6/2016,5/2017, 05/02/2019, 05/2020

Crash was the 4th Best Bengal Kitten in TICA for 2015 as a Kitten!!

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