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Best way to prepare for a new Bengal kitty arrival

Bengal cats and especially the young ones are playful individuals with unique personalities and behaviours. Before you welcome your new family member, you will need to prepare your home and yourself for a lifetime pal with all kind of abilities to be a king the of the house. It is time to introduce your Bengal Cat to a new home.

Silver bengal kitten socialization

Lynxland Bengal kittens will not leave our cattery until they are three months old to ensure that they are fully socialized and to prevent any future behaviours problems. Bengals commonly adjust to new environments very quickly and settle in your home within a few days.

The journey from Lynxland to a new forever home can be long as well as stressful for a Bengal kitty. That is why it is important to prepare your home ahead of time and make everything ready for a newcomer. This will help a lot and make you sure to comfort your cat immediately after transition.

Welcome home pal!

What I always emphasize to a new owner is to pick up the suitable room to introduce your Bengal Cat to a new environment during a first week after the arrival. This is really crucial, so be patient and follow this advice. Allowing your cat to entire home territory might be traumatizing and can bring behaviours problems because your home is unfamiliar world.

To prevent any extra stress for your new kitty, the place your family stay in often will be the best choice. Just let him to stay with you from the very beginning. In this room you will need to have water bowl, toys, a secure place to hide, scratching post and litter box (be sure to have one with clumping litter).

Bengal kitten with his new buddy :)

Bengal kitten will adjust to a new place quickly and will start to make a bond with your family – even the first days can be challenging both for cat and you. Do not forget that kitty just have said goodbye to its mother and siblings. Being in a new environment can make the kitty sad but Bengal Cat usually prefer to play instead of cry.

That is why I recommend to pick up a kitchen as a place to stay – it is a room with traffic, the kitty will not be isolated from you and you can keep an eye on its habits. Of course, accident can happen and you should expect that the kitten will be stressed by a new territory so if any poop happen out of the litterbox, do not punish the kitty and do not shout at them. This might bring only more stress. Just clean the area and show your cat where the litterbox is situated. Give the kitten a few days to become confident where the tray is. Then set the rules and follow them. Bad habits are difficult to break, the good ones easier to learn. In Lynxland we use as a clumping litter Cat's Best Original – it effectively absorbs liquids and odours and trap waste deep inside.

Cat's Best Original
Cat's Best Smart Pellets

Bengal Cats as a descendant from the Asian Leopard Cat have habit to bury their waste to hide from other predators with real enthusiasm. They can be little bit messy and I recommend to have fully covered litter box. And of course, you have to establish a good habit for yourself as well – to offer the proper care and to maintain the litter box regularly to keep your Bengal Cat happy and your flat or house clean.

Cat litter box for bengals

Once the kitty becomes comfortable with the first place to stay and shows that she can use litter box without any issues as defecating and urinating outside you might allow her to visit your entire home.

What you should feed your new furry friend?

This is often question from a new owner because Bengal cat diary can be slightly different from their domestic cousins. In Lynxland, we feed our cats with highest quality food. It is crucial to feed your kitty with the same food that has been used by us, as sudden change in diet can lead to upset cat tummy!

In Lynxland, we prefer to combine raw meal diet (beef and chicken), which we prepare by ourselves, with dry grain-free food diet of highest quality. If you willing to feed your Bengal kitty only with raw meal diet, it is option as well – but do not forget to add vitamins supplements! And feeding your cat with beef can be real fun as you can see bellow on my YouTube Chanel (feeding Ozalee and Taima).

Later after acclimatization you can change the diet. But your cat should be completely settled in a new home. You can start to add small portions of the new food into the old one and increase the amount of new to minimise any problems and allow your cat to completely adjust.

Do not forget: source of dry grain-free food and water bowls (Bengal Cat enjoys water both to drink and play😊) should be available through the house at all times.

Time to play, time to relax

Bengal Cats love to stay “up in the air” – and maybe more often than other breeds. They simply seek to find a secure place to sits to survey its surroundings as their ancestor – The Asian Leopard Cat. If you have the space within your home, having a Bengal Cat tree with platforms and enough height for them to climb up to the summit is well needed. It makes your cats happy especially when you raise them indoor.

Bengal cats loves cat trees

Bengal Cats also love to play so you have to keep them entertained with variety of toys and playing fetch they will absolutely adore – they will learn new tricks and exercise their muscles at the same time😊. They like to fetch :)

Some Lynxland kittens in new homes :

Lynxland Moonie on a boat in Norway
Lynxland Tiva on a boat with new owner

Bengal cat as best friend :)

I believe that the kitten from Lynxland will become your best friend and a full family member like these kittens on the pictures.

Lynxland Bengal cat 5G bengal with new family member
Lynxland Bagheera living in Sweden - 10 kg boy :)
Silver benga cat - Lynxland Xhiva with his best friend

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